The Journey

For me this life is all about the journey, meeting people, having new experiences and taking things away from these experiences that change our character and perception of the world. Every one of us is unique and views life in different ways. No person will view the same set of circumstances from the same perspective, what is a challenge to you may be a disaster for me.

This blog will focus around relationships and human interactions, how our personalities develop, the characteristics we exhibit and how different people view us. What makes us get along with one person and despise another, how we search for love, how we define our status in life and many other aspects of this rollercoaster we call living.


Now I am no expert in psychology and I do not have a degree in psychotherapy, however I have been fortunate enough (or unfortunate as the case may be) to experience a vast range of human interactions, as we all have. It has been estimated that by the time you are aged five, you will have had approximately one billion interactions with others. It is from these interactions that we build up a sense of self within the world around us, which will eventually lead to how we define ourselves as individuals.

It is from this sense of self that we make judgments on situations and circumstances in the world around us, with pivotal moments such as the end of a relationship, the birth of our child or the death of a friend setting us down a path we had never before considered.


I hope you will join me on this journey and explore these issues with me; I would love to hear your views, opinions and comments on my blogs, let me know your thoughts on the subjects we discuss and your perceptions on everyday life.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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