And Rest…

As some of you may know, after a very stressful eight months I am now able to have a little bit of time off from work. The plan is to use this break to recover from the stress and be able to return to work feeling a little bit more like the real me.

However, I don’t like to sit idle and so for the last three weeks I have busied myself with preparations for my sons birthday, visiting family and friends, starting the Christmas shopping, completing jobs around the house that have been on hold for four years, sewing superhero costumes and reviewing multiple books. As such I haven’t really had time to have a rest due to rushing from one place to the next and am therefore still feeling slightly stressed due to the amount of extra work I have made for myself, sometimes I’m my own worst enemy! So tonight, I am going to take my own advice. I am going to sit down on the sofa next to my husband and do nothing. As of tomorrow my intention is to actually do what these two months break are meant to be for, to rest, to enjoy myself, to write and to get better. I will attempt not to feel guilty for saying no to people, I will remember that I deserve some me time too and I will try to bear in mind that it is not my job to ensure the happiness of others.


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