Why Do You Write?

I love writing. I always have done, when I was younger I often sat in the garden, writing poetry. In fact I still have the original book, the pages now yellowing and creased, soft and bent on the corners. But I love it; I look back through the book occasionally, remembering writing the poems at different times in my life. Some about issues that I was worried about when I was a child ‘The O-Zone Layer’ others complete fantasy ‘A Naughty Pixie’, which involves forbidden love and midnight liaisons wrote in my teenage years.

I had a fantastic imagination and thankfully my son has taken after me and has a wonderful imagination as well. However one thing I lack as an adult, which I had plenty of as a child, is confidence in my writing. In my younger years I would happily show my poems and stories to anyone and everyone who would listen. I was a bit of a show off and loved nothing more than being the center of attention. As I grew into a teenager I became quieter and more reserved, preferring to take a back seat and observe interactions rather than being in the middle of them. This in turn has had an effect on my work, as invariably we write about issues that are important to us. We sometimes write about what we know, so that those feelings and emotions can be transferred into the written word. But when we do this, we expose ourselves. Our feelings are laid out for all to see, and that is a scary thought. We are inviting others to see the world from our eyes, to see exactly how we perceive situations and experiences around us. To be let loose in our imagination and see what stories we make up. That can be both liberating and terrifying in equal measures.

So I write because it helps me to process issues I’m thinking about in my everyday life. I write because it gives me a form of expressing my creativity and I write because if I don’t my head is too full, I need to write my thoughts and characters down, because if I didn’t I would never get any sleep.

I’d love to know why you write…?


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