Solitude Urgently Needed

Today was a typical weekend day in my house. The family was all at home together. My son woke me at 7am wanting to know if ‘I could get up to make his breakfast? Could he put the computer on? Would I look at the drawing he did? Could we glue two boxes together to make a puppet animal?’ I got out of bed and staggered downstairs, still half asleep, where by the cat started rubbing herself against my legs causing me to trip over and the dog repeatedly sprang up to my waist wanting attention. I fed the animals while my son continued with his barrage of questions, hardly giving me enough time to reply. My husband walked into the kitchen, I passed him his coffee and he downed it in one go, and then announced he was off to the local hardware shop. I got my son and myself ready and when my husband returned he locked himself in the cupboard under the stairs and proceeded to spend the day doing DIY. This left me to entertain my son who was starting to remind me of a quiz show host as he was following me around asking so may questions I felt like I was being interrogated, while trying to keep the dog under control who was bouncing around the furniture like a kangaroo and wanting to constantly sit on my knee and lick my face. Urgh.

Needless to say by 3pm my nerves were frayed and I wanted…no NEEDED solitude. I crept upstairs, sat on the bed and breathed a sigh of relief, only to hear little footsteps trotting up the stairs behind me…”mum where are you…?”.

As much as I love my family, I am an introvert and today I just needed a little bit of ‘me’ time. I haven’t had much of that for a long while. Even when I’m in the shower my family and pets think its ok to wander in and out of the bathroom. If I lock the door they bang on it until I open it, (the humans not the pets…that would be just weird).

So tonight I have had the house to myself for a whole hour! I was so excited; I dimmed the lights, lit some candles and put some of my favourite music on. By the time my family came home and found me sitting in the dark staring at candles with music blasting, I felt fully recharged and ready to be a wife and mother again.

Sometimes we all need a little bit of space, and it is good for you. Solitude helps you to relax, makes you more productive, it helps you to find yourself, it provides the opportunity to think deeply and work through problems more effectively, and it can enhance the quality of your relationships with others.

So if you’re like me and crave a bit of alone time, make sure you get it. Carve out a little space for yourself, I guarantee you will feel more like the real you afterwards.


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