Creative Writing – Trying Something Different

I seem to have disappeared from the world for a few days due to the business of everyday life catching up with me.

My son has had an infection in his leg, which has meant keeping him off school, antibiotics and an amazing walking stick fashioned out of a broken toy gun and an old clothes rail. Looking after him and trips to the doctors has meant very little time for writing. On top of this I have been trying to keep up with my many book reviews for some fantastic indie authors (reviews page to be updated soon).

However, today my sons’ returning to school has enabled me to sit down and write only to be met with writers block. I have had a vague abstract idea in my head where my story is going…I have the feelings I want to convey and the images and voices of the characters strongly in my head, but nothing concrete. This has meant sitting staring at my last paragraph for most of the morning and not writing a thing.

So I have decided to give a different method of writing a try. I can’t write organically like Stephen King is able to, it just doesn’t seem to work for me and I end up with hours and hours of revision and a story that makes little sense. I hate planning a long outline; I get far too bored and again have to revise it multiple times as my story progresses. So a while ago I came across the snowflake method. I have toyed with using it for a while, it appeals to me because it is methodical and organized and that is how I like to be, so I decided to read up on it properly.

I have purchased a little book by Randy Ingermanson How to write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method. This morning I devoured the book in one sitting and it has got me fired up again about writing. Ideas are flowing and I can’t wait to start putting the steps into practice. Yes it may take a lot of work before you even get to the writing of the story itself, but for me it seems like once I have the strong foundation, the actual putting together of the story will be much easier and enjoyable, which is how it should be. Plus it reminds me a little of the preparation needed when writing academic articles, something I am lot more familiar with. So this afternoon instead of staring at my computer screen with my mind endlessly wandering from my story to other topics such as ‘Maybe I should give to house a quick vacuum with the Dyson’ (which is my new favourite appliance after my old vacuum exploded last week…(I don’t lead a very exciting life)); I will be putting together my story, step by step, methodically and enjoying every second of creative writing again.


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