What Next?

As some of you know I have been having a little bit of time off from work. Although this is very enjoyable and has given me the time to concentrate on my writing and spend some time with my family, it has also felt like I am living in a kind of in between world. A limbo in which our lives can’t move forward, as not only did I need to make the decision about what comes next career wise, but my husband is waiting for answers as to when he will be able to change career.

Yesterday after a long talk with a good friend, I have finally made a decision for myself as to what’s next; She gave me the advice I needed to continue as she has been alongside me on my journey and has shared the highs and lows.  My husband has also had the news that he’s been waiting for. This has meant a great shift in our energy, I feel like we can finally start planning and moving forward again, instead of just waiting for life to happen.

There is so much I want to do and I finally feel like the wheels are in motion to achieve some of those things. In an ideal world I would love to write and have my books published as my main source of income. Spending my days at my desk, overlooking rolling countryside, idea’s flowing into my head and trickling out of my fingers onto the screen. I have always enjoyed writing, I have since I was a small girl. However I know not many are lucky enough to do this as a career and so I will have to return to the daily rat race if I want to pay the bills.

This does not mean I will be giving up on my writing, although it will mean less time to write. But hopefully it will bring more experiences. I am privileged enough to work in maternity, which means I see a vast range of human emotions and interactions on a daily basis, and this never fails to fill me with new ideas for stories. I am blessed to experience life changing moments in others lives with them, hearing family’s stories of devastation, triumph and success. I see women change into mothers and couples into families.

This year has brought a lot of changes for me, I have remarried, I have graduated and I have had moments where I have wondered whether this path I am following is the right one for me. But as this year draws nearer to the end, I know that no matter what happens next year, it will be an adventure and I will have my best friends beside me, sharing every moment of laughter and tears along the way.


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