Writing Tips, Tricks, Idea’s 1

My very lovely friend and fantastically talented photographer Erika Tanith (www.erikatanithphotography.co.uk) said to me recently that I should write about writing.

So here I am writing about the little tips, tricks and ideas, which I find help, or give me inspiration.

So todays tip is notepads…carry them everywhere!

I am obsessed with notepads; I have them in all different shapes and sizes, spread around the house and in my various bags.

I prefer the hardback covered variety in about A5 style because if I’m regularly getting it in and out of my bag the hard cover prevents damage to the pages and the size means I can write a reasonable amount on each page so it easier to copy onto my computer rather than having to continually flick through pages.

So why am I obsessed with notepads? Well I use them throughout the day while I’m doing things around the house, writing down idea’s that appear in my head whilst I’m doing the chores, or a news story that catches my attention whilst watching TV. These idea’s that trigger a spark of imagination should all be written down so that they are not forgotten and can be developed into something more substantial later on when you have more time.

I also take my notepad everywhere I go. This means if I get an idea while I’am not at home I don’t risk losing it by the time I find a pen and paper to write it down on. (Yes I do have a memory like a sieve). Also I find if I am in the middle of writing a story, the characters voices, dialogue and the narration of the story often progresses whilst I am going about normal everyday business and so if inspiration comes to me whilst shopping in the bread aisle in the local supermarket, I can quickly jot it down.

Another time notebooks come in handy are if you are a people watcher and eavesdropper like myself (I can’t help myself…I am fascinated by people), you can pick up on all sorts of intriguing dialogue that will spark story idea’s in coffee shops or on public transport, if you don’t have a pen and notepad with you, chances are you will have forgotten what was said, the mannerisms, non verbal communication and tone of voice by the time you get home.

So that is my writing tip for today, carry a notepad with you all the time. Write as soon as inspiration strikes you, even if its just a few quick lines.  My Christmas list is full of requests for notepads and I always get a little thrill at the first page of a blank notebook, as it is filled with endless possibilities for dramatic, exciting, or romantic stories.


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