Writing Tips, Tricks and Ideas 3

Well, it has been ages since I have had the chance to blog, I don’t know where the time goes! With the festive season now being in full swing it seems I have 100 more extra jobs to do each day than usual and just when I manage to sit down to write (like today) my dog requires an emergency trip to the vets after eating grapes. (We are now home and she is feeling very sorry for herself, but at least she is no longer in danger).

So back to writing, well I have been thinking about this one for a while and it is something I do when I don’t have the opportunity to write.

So todays tip is…Music

Music and writing…I know it sounds a bit strange. However it comes in really useful whilst writing and also when you are unable to write. I make a playlist on my ipod of songs regarding the feel of a story I’m writing. This could be songs that relate to a particular character, or about a scene, or even just relating to the whole genre of the story itself. This means that if I don’t have the opportunity to write, for example if I’m driving in the car to work, I can put my playlist on and I’m still thinking about the characters and story. It helps me to get inside the feel of the story a little bit more and experience the emotion attached to it, music is great for provoking emotions and that’s why I find it so helpful.

It can also help expand your story and create new scenes and generate ideas of dialogue or express what a character is feeling. For example if you listen to a particular piece of music and let your imagination drift, then music quite often has a way of making you visualizing particular things. For instance if I listen to Canon in D major I always imagine a stone church with David Austin roses around the doorway and a wedding finally taking place between two lovers who have battled the odds to be together. Also if you imagine a movie without background music added to the scenes, it just wouldn’t have the same impact on your emotions during exciting or emotional moments than it does with great music. So this is why I use music whilst I’m writing or in between writing, to keep the idea’s for my story flowing and allowing me to feel as if I’m part of the story and experience the characters emotions.


2 thoughts on “Writing Tips, Tricks and Ideas 3

  1. I am way too ADD to listen to music WHILE I write. During a brainstorm yes, but during the writing I cannot. I don´t like to do online banking with music on in the back ground! ;p Nice article.


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