Is this really work?

For so long I spent my life working in ‘normal’ jobs. I have been a shop worker, a waitress, an administrator, an auxiliary nurse, a midwife, a proof reader and editor. Then I realised, none of this was making me happy. I had tried different vocations believing it was the jobs themselves that were causing me to feel down, so I frequently changed from one career path to the next.

It wasnt the jobs, I just wasn’t listening to myself, what I really wanted to do was write. I wanted to use my creativity in a productive way, but the problem was, I needed to earn money whilst I was writing. I had looked for part time jobs so that I could do this, but none fit into my homelife arrangements, I had worked full time but it left me so tired by the time I had spent a full day working and then took care of my son and house that I had little energy left to write. So I took a leap of faith and my lovely little company The Owl and Bear Gift Company was created, inspired by my love of all things literature.

Yesterday I spent the day with the extremely talented professional photographer Erika Tanith. We took a walk into the English coutryside in order to take some lovely photographs of our products for the website. Erika who is extremely elegant and taller than me gracefully climbed over a gate and into a lovely space filled with autumnal woodland and sunny clearings, I attempted to follow. Trying to get my bottom onto the top of the gate in order to clamber over.  I jumped, once, twice…no my legs were simply not long enough for me to be able to make it over.  So rather ungracefully I crawled underneath, much to my embarrassment (sometimes its difficult being short!).

Once on the otherside we set about preparing for the photos, I unpacked boxes whilst Erika set up her equipment and composed beautiful displays.  I assisted in any way I could, which mainly consisted of chasing over enthusiatic dogs away from our products and collecting leaves.  A few hours into taking photos I mentioned to Erika how lovely it was to be out in the sunshine having a day off. I was thoroughly enjoying myself and the day was flying by in a whirlwind of setting up displays, talking and laughter.

Erika, who knows of my past and my aspirations smiled at me and said “this isn’t a day off, this is now your job”

I grinned back, she was absolutely right, this was now a day in my working life! I feel so lucky, I now know why people tell you that you should do a job that you love. I didnt listen to that advice for far too long.  As my son grows up, it is something I’m going to ensure he follows, no matter what his future path may be, becasue I want him to be happy. I want him to be at work and not feel like he is working, because he is doing what he loves.

This morning I have done some paperwork for the company, I have finished the housework and prepared tonights dinner in the slow cooker. This afternoon I have free time so that I can write, before collecting my son from school. I can follow my dreams.

Is this really work? Yes, and I am so lucky that it is!


One thought on “Is this really work?

  1. It’s true: doing a job that you love means never having to work. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed yesterday, and don’t do yourself down, you were super-helpful, and it’s always a pleasure to spend time with you.

    I can’t wait to get your pics over to you too.

    Much love Xx


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