The Great Christmas Knit Off – Alexandra Brown

After being jilted at the alter, Sybil is struggling to keep a grip on her life. She is lonely and feeling down, exhausted by trying to make it through the day. After a blunder at work, Sybil decides on an impromptu visit to her friend, who has recently moved to the quaint village of Tindledale.

In Tindledale Sybil meets a whole host of quirky characters that help her mend her broken heart and realise her dreams.

This is real ‘chic-lit’ genre and has the cheesy feel-good factor that comes with this style of festive read. The characters are flamboyant, there is the typical romantic interest and of course the community spirit that is compulsory in novels of this genre, all set in a picture perfect, snow topped country village.

However, this is not a criticism. This novel has no shocks, twists or turns, but what it does have is Christmas-ness in bucket loads. It contains all the festive elements that we have come to expect in Christmas fiction such as the importance of caring for one another, spending time with friends and family, a festive setting and wonderful wholesome food.

If you’re looking for something light hearted to read whilst snuggled up with a mince pie and a mug of hot chocolate, this might be the Christmas book for you.


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