What Makes A Good Story?…Continued

As promised here are my remaining requirements for a good story.

No Long Backstory

OK so I think that this is a difficult one to achieve, because I need to know enough about the character to understand their motives and drives, however I don’t want to sit through three chapters where I am told how they were brought up, who they lived with, how they had no friends and accidently killed their goldfish when they were five. Instead I want to be shown this information, I want it drip fed into the story so that I can have ‘ah ha!’ moments when I understand why they are behaving in a certain way.

The Ending

The ending of a story is so important to me. I feel let down when I read those books that you never want to end, but you cant stop reading only to have a rushed ending that leaves you feeling completely unsatisfied. Now of course I am a sucker for the happily ever after’s, every now and then. Its nice to know the characters have finally found true love, happiness and stability and are merrily going off into the sunset in their new, now peaceful lives.

However what I really like are those ending that throw you a curveball. The ones you never saw coming where you stare at the wall for half an hour after closing the books trying to work out what happened. For me this is a sign of a really good story, one that has drawn you in and leaves you still thinking about it days later.

I would love to know what you feel makes a good story.

Best Wishes



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