Children’s Book Reviews

Calvin the Cookie Maker – Caroline Akervik

I enjoyed reading this book with my son over a few nights as a bedtime story. Calvin is an easy to like well-rounded character that my son empathised with immediately. The Christmassy feel is well portrayed throughout this story and has my son already wanting to put up the decorations and make Christmas cookies like Calvin does in the story. The author has managed to capture the dialogue of older children perfectly in this book and as a mother I could relate to Calvin’s parents who missed what their child was trying to tell them due to the business of everyday life. A great Christmas read for children, my son loved it (and I enjoyed it also), I look forward to more books from this author.


Astros A Christmas Calamity – Susan Day

I read this book to my son as his bedtime story over a number of nights. The book is about Astro and his group of dogs who rescue abandoned and neglected dogs from cruel treatment. Astro saves a naughty robot with the intention of getting him reprogrammed to be good and help the secret dog organization. But the naughty robot escapes and is set to ruin Christmas leaving Astro, his team and Santa to try and save the day.

My son thoroughly enjoyed this at the beginning of the holiday season and has definitely gotten him into the festive spirit of the season. The book is full of adventure for children and had my son wanting to know what happened next and giggling as I read to him.

It is also interactive with web links to puzzles and games, something I intend to utilize this weekend to keep my little boy out of mischief.

A really great Christmas book for children filled with holiday fun and adventure, a pleasure for parents and children to read together.


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